Interviews with residents – videos

We begin this section with six videos of interviews with displaced residents immediately after the fire took place. The interviews took place on Thursday 13th June, during the Residents’ Association’s emergency meeting. Thanks to the Rainbow Collective.

Testimony: We follow these six videos with testimony from residents given directly to the resident-led Inquiry, which was established on the same Thursday after the fire at the Residents Association meeting, by a unanimous vote of 200 residents.

A two minute film with interview of residents who fled the fire
A second two minute collection of interviews taken on the Thursday after the fire
Samuel Garside House resident Subbu, who fled the building with his wife and children
Samuel Garside House resident Hollie
Samuel Garside House resident Joseph
Samuel Garside House resident Carmen

Testimony from residents of Samuel Garside House and the wider community on the Riverside estate to the Inquiry