Inquiry Meeting Video

10th June 2020

Our report was presented to our Inquiry meeting on the 10 June 2020, exactly a year and a day after the Samuel Garside House fire.

Here is a video of the proceedings:-

We were joined by many residents from Samuel Garside House, who presented their testimony to the Inquiry.

We were also joined by Jennifer Frame, from the Worcester Park estate, which like ours suffered a devastating fire at Richmond House, whose residents are all still displaced.

Expert witnesses Dr Jonathan Evans. an expert on cladding; Suzanne Muna, an expert on housing who is on the NEC of Unite the Union; Shaun Murphy, Solicitor; and the Bishop of Barking, all gave testimony at our inquiry.

We were joined by our local Councillors Cameron Geddes and Bill Turner, who gave apologies from councillor Josie Channer, who had childcare concerns. Cameron Geddes is a senior member of the council planning committee and is on the council cabinet. He is also a member of the Barking Riverside Community Interest Company, or CIC.

We were joined by David Reynolds, operations manager of MACE, the builders, who built the properties on the north side of Galleons Drive, facing Samuel Garside House on the south.

A reporter from BBC radio four was present and ran a short piece on BBC Radio Four’s You and Yours on the 11th June.

We give thanks to all the other people who joined who we have not mentioned.

This chart was displayed at one point during the video, to give an indication of the complexities of the responsibilities on the Barking Riverside estate: