Resolution Two

Barking Reach Residents Association committee resolution for the emergency meeting Thursday 13 June 2019, as amended and passed unanimously.

Make the Barking Riverside Estate Fire Safe

  1. Campaign

We agree to set up a campaign to ensure that the estate is made safe, including the displaced Samuel Garside House residents.

We agree to conduct our own resident-led enquiry into all aspects of housing management including fire safety and the relocation and compensation of displaced residents (see resolution 3).

We agree to support and initiate a campaign that seeks a change in government policy to increase the standards for fire safety by property developers.

  • Cladding

We call on Bellway, Mace and all others involved in the construction and management of the estate to:

  • Immediately remove the combustible cladding from the houses and flats at their own expense.
  • Make good the appearance of the houses and flats to the same aesthetic and value.
  • Replace the wood in the balconies with alternative non-flammable materials such as steel and glass, with proper drainage.
  • Systemic failure of all parties
  • We believe all landlords and management parties involved, government legislation, and the council in granting planning permission, failed to make sure the properties were safe and endangered lives.
  • Landlords and managing agents had two years since Grenfell to inspect and make good the balconies and cladding throughout its part of the estate and did not.
  • Adriatic and RMG, acting as their agents, failed to address the issue of cladding despite showing concerns about fire safety.
  • We believe Adriatic has forfeited its right to ownership of this property. It should pass as commonhold to the remaining residents where leaseholders.
  • Barking Riverside Community Interest Company (CIC)
  • We believe that if the residents were running the estate, they would have implemented the fire safety check directly and prevented the fire.
  • The Barking Riverside Community Interest Company was set up to provide the residents with a majority on the board of directors.
  • We reaffirm two previous decisions of the residents’ association, that this voting majority be enacted and not be removed.
  • Donations
  • We support the setting up of the Barking Reach Residents Association campaign fund to be used only in pursuit of the campaign of the residents’ association on fire safety, according to the guidance of the residents at its meetings. Examples – banners publicising case, protest leaflets, legal advice.
  • Safety checks
  • We call on managing agents to reveal fire safety inspection reports, carry out a level Four safety check on all flats, and conduct fire drills.